Under the skin

A couple days ago, I took the nose off the car, and took the intake system out.  I did this for measurements for future projects.  I wanted to take a look at different intake routes to free up space between the engine and the radiator, and I wanted to look at practical mounts for oil coolers and splitters.  I figured others might want to see the pictures so they wouldn’t have to take their car apart to see under the skin.  I won’t be writing a big story, just posting up the pics.

For those that want to take the nose off themselves, its really pretty easy.  you have about 7 10mm blots on top and bottom of the nose, and a bunch of little plastic push rivets which you need a flat head screwdriver to remove.  The only tricky ones are the ones inside the corner marker housings.  Not sure why they are designed this way, as they were a pain to get out.  But if I were to do it again, now that I know how I think I could have the bumper off in 10 mins.

as a point of reference, here is the fully dressed engine bay. I know those resonance chambers are there for a reason, but there is a ton of plastic taking up valuable space between the engine and the radiator.

similar shot, just no intake plumbing. Lots of room. Subaru already leaned the top of the radiator forward, so there is more space at the top than at the bottom.

Here is a better angle to see the lean of the radiator.  Fans are relatively slim lined.  No idea on the CFM they push, but as you’ll see in later pics, the radiator is pretty well sealed from the front, so this shouldn’t be an issue.

Better shot of the radiator and the air intake.  You can see if going over the radiator on the left side.  Any shop out there want to collaborate on an intake tube that uses the same passageway?

nose off the car. The crash beam looks really light. And the nose is supported buy Styrofoam.

up close shot of the intake snorkel from the front side of the radiator. Lots of thought went into this. But if you want all the mess from behind the radiator to be tossed, I think this has to go.

Here is the opening where that intake snorkel was. The airbox is on the other side during this photo, so you can see the paper filter.

For reference with a tape measure…

from the drivers side without the nose. You can see how far the bumper beam extends. Looks like a great place to suspend the splitter from in the future. And water weighs what? 7lbs/gallon? looks like there is 7 pounds of windshield washer fluid to come off the nose of the car when it comes time to try and remove the lbs…

really nice plastic shrouding of the radiator. The bottom panel especially. You can see the sides that keep the air from escaping around the radiator here as well. I’ll be curious to see water and oil temps at the track in 2 weeks…

here is the inside of the nose. Looks like the plastic rock guard will just snap right out if we wanted to remove it. The upper 3rd doesn’t even let air through, so if we need better airflow, that might be the answer.

That’s it for now.  If you want to follow the progress:



5 thoughts on “Under the skin

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  2. I’m thinking a flipped intake manifold and an intake on top of a small battery taking air from the cowl would be a neat idea. Then some ducts above the radiator and speed holes in the hood.

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