A quick update

I’m getting old, or I’m becoming a baby.  One of the two extremes.  Its really hot in the desert in August here in California, so getting on track for more testing is kind of miserable.  Not the most riveting update, I admit, but here are a couple quick things happening with the car:

1.  When I said the 255/40/17 Hankook RS3’s fit perfect on the 17×9’s with a 42mm offset I was right.  When I said they didn’t rub, well, that was a stretch.  Or rather not enough of a stretch of the tires I guess. Its really minor, but at full lock, I’m eating away the plastic fender liners.

Fender liner rubbing. I didn’t know it was happening until I took the wheel off.

2. Went to the dyno today in order to have a solid baseline.  Like with our suspension modifications, I want to make sure I can demonstrate what each individual part does.  I recognize the sum of the parts may eventually be greater than measuring each one individually, but this is a place to start.

Here are the results: 170 whp, 141tq

Its a dynojet. here were the local atmosphere vitals

3.  In the idle time, I’m starting to plan the aero package for the car.  Lots in the works, but for not, I’m working on the underside of the car making templates with plywood.  Right now it looks like a hill climb car. If only it had enough power to overcome the drag created by something like this…

how many comments would I get if I didn’t say this was just the template in plywood and I was ignoring the exterior shape?

I should have a more substantial update soon.  Lots going on behind the scenes on bolt on power, brakes, and aerodynamics.  I’ll have something to share soon.


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